Shawn Mulinix

A good friend of mine says that some kids are born with the “Horse Lovers”gene.

Maybe that is why some kids are eager to learn all around horsemanship, cleaning stalls and all!

I started Howdy Hooves LLC eight years ago so that I could introduce riding and horsemanship to the young horse enthusiast.

Many of the Howdy Hooves campers have gone on to become horseman, leasing or owning a horse of their own.All have had fun while riding and learning basic horsemanship.

Sam Ahlgrim

Sam gained a passion for horses from her daughter, Molly. Sam and her daughter enjoy helping Shawn with her horses and learning all they can at her stables. They are both very excited to be a part of camp this summer.

Sam is also the mother of four kids, Molly, Lyla, Josiah, and Elijah, and wife to Josh. Sam is a teacher and loves working with kids.

Her passion for kids and animals makes her an excellent member of the Howdy Hooves team.

Delaney Seaborn

A good friend introduced Delaney to horses when she was nine years old. Over the next few years, she researched and read everything horses! She was gifted with 6 weeks of lessons~ this was just the beginning! She now owns a horse, is a 3-year member of Hendricks County Horse and Pony 4H club, has competed in youth rodeo (MYRA), and loves to camp and trail ride. She and her family have now adopted 6 horses! Delaney is very excited to assist in Howdy Hooves Summer Camp and share her passion and knowledge with others while they learn!




Emma Andries

Emma Andries is a Sophomore at Tri-West High School and is 16 years old.  She started her journey with horses 7 years ago at Howdy Hooves. She competes at the county fair and state fair, along with many rodeo associations. She has enjoyed working with many horses over the years and loves getting to know each of them. She has gone from her old man, Buddy, to her young thoroughbred, Cora, who loves everything speed. Learning horsemanship skills has helped teach her many other skills needed in life, along with making many lifelong friends. She is excited to continue training horses and sharing her love of horses with young kids.

Samantha Fialkow

Sam was introduced to horses at the age of nine as she attended her first Howdy Hooves camp. She attended again the following year! Three years ago Sam started taking lessons and has learned much from many knowledgeable people connected to the horse world. Sam is looking forward to helping the next group of Howdy Hooves campers develop the “horse bug” and teaching them all she can!